Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dancing Squirrel

Something odd and wonderful is happening.

Sprout has a bit of eczema (itchy bumps on his head)(it's a sort of allergy reaction), and I have heard that giving him a bit of flax oil every day might keep it at bay. So, two weeks ago I splurged on a blender and bought a bunch of frozen berries, yoghurt, and cold-pressed flax oil.

Since then, we have been making 'myookssakes'(a.k.a. 'milkshakes') every morning. Balkan-style 6% yoghurt (yahoo), frozen or fresh fruit, juice, bananas, and 1 Tbsp of flax oil. Whrrrrrrrrrrrr!! And with the addition of a bendy-straw to make it fun, he slugs it back. And so do I. Delicious.

He currently has an eczema bump, but nothing is happening with it - usually it starts with one bump, then three, then his head is a crazy mass of itchy, oozing, raised welts. Poor little thing. Anyway, no progression. I'm waiting a little longer to see how the whole experiment turns out.

The result that I did not expect from this experiment is that I have almost no arthritis pain.

I have osteoarthritis in both hips - the result of two straight years of being super-volunteer save-the-world-librarian, at a rate of 16 hours per day at my computer (stupid, but irrevocable). I am over the depression phase that often accompanies arthritis (understandable anger and loss at a future of chronic pain), but I do notice my arthritis most of the time from sitting, walking, gardening, or lying in the same position too long in bed at night.

But suddenly, an hour at my desk working on a project comes with no pain baggage! I dug in the garden for two straight hours on Mother's Day, too, and paid almost no price for the exertion. I can't believe that my share of 1 Tbsp of flax oil is making this big change, but I can't explain it otherwise. I am a dancing squirrel. I am a squirrel rejoicing at the arrival of Spring. I am a squirrel who's going to hoick some mean decking materials in a month.

I am a squirrel on the edge.


Blogger Eileen said...

Dat's fabulous, squirrel!! Now that you mention it, I see arthritis is mention on my friend Nic's flaxbaby website (http://www.flaxbaby.com/Flax%20Facts.htm). We shall have dance party on new cedar deck!

6:39 am  
Blogger Just Me said...

I recently joined a health club called Truestar for Women & they have a whole nutrition component...trying to sell you lots of (very expensive) vitamins, etc. Anyhow, one of their recipes is for a "smoothie" which is very similar to your myookssakes. It is a whole lot healthier than my usual bagel. I make a blender full for myself and my daughter every morning.

My recipe uses soy milk (usually vanilla) instead of yogurt, and I add 1 scoop of whey protein powder (the whole premise is that each meal should contain 40% protein, 30% fat, 30% carbs). I use whatever frozen fruit I have around (love that mango)& add a banana if I have one. The other thing I sometimes add, if I have it, is a little pomegranete (sp?) juice.

Glad to hear the flax oil is helping the eczema and the arthritis. Have you tried glucosamine sulfate for your arthritis?

7:28 am  
Blogger Alicia said...

oh, i wonder if that will work for back pain. i'm gonna have to read up!

9:23 am  
Blogger Gwen said...

I'm starting to feel like those guys I talk about in our computer class, "Internet Searching for Beginners" - as in, you probably shouldn't depend on Internet health information from 'Bill' in his basement whose website says "I put soy sauce on the wart for 15 days and then the wart was gone!!"

That being said, I'm liking this flax oil thing a lot personally. Thanks for the smoothie tips; I hadn't thought of pomegranate juice. I'm thinking of throwing in some wheat germ too, since Sprout won't eat any toast or cereal at breakfast anymore.

And bring on the squirrel dance party.

10:50 am  

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