Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Questions about Blogs

It's day two in the Oak Tree, and as a new Blogger, many questions are running through my mind about blogs.

Why do people blog? I was just talking yesterday to someone who has been writing a blog for over a year, and she said it is very therapeutic. What need does it fulfill?

Blogging is so personal, and yet we put it out there for anyone to look at. Why? Does this replace daily prayer in this secular century?

Ack! Am having trouble writing such lofty thoughts for anyone to see. When I was a child, I quickly learned that my mother would read any diary that she could track down, no matter how private. Have trained myself not to write in journals, for fear of being found out. Perhaps blogging will reclaim that activity for me. Perhaps not.

Why do librarians blog? Why do librarians buzz about blogs? We are so interested in sifting through Internet sites, looking for ones published by authorities, and yet anyone with Internet access can blog on any topic. Where is the authority there?

I suppose any person is an authority on their own life. Must ruminate on that one. Oh yeah, cows ruminate. Squirrels do not. Ahem. Must scurry about on that one.


Blogger Rhonda said...

Hi Gwen--how'd you find my blog? Thanks for commenting on mine. Yours is very funny. I like the squirrel-librarian parallels. Very true. And I also highly relate to your ambivalence about putting a journal out there for all to see. You know, I'd hope we'd get a list of each other's sites so we could see what others are doing. It'd be helpful to ask each other questions or just swap experiences.--So you're from Saskatchewan. Wow. Someone from a colder place than Minnesota.--Happy blogging.--Rhonda

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