Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh the Bliss, Oh the Bacon!

I adore librarians who take the time to hunt down obscure facts simply to amuse me.

Last night, the librarian here who has her finger on the historical pulse of Saskatoon was reading my blog and came across the bit about bacon used as a bookmark. 'But wait,' she cried, 'There is an article in the local paper about that very incident happening in the 1940s!' This fine urban myth HAPPENED HERE. HERE in my home city. Oh, it's too good.

In the article from October 27, 1947, J. S. Wood (the man, not the library branch named in his honour) was enraged at the things people would choose to use as bookmarks - and he specifically mentioned the 9-inch piece of raw bacon as a stunning example.

Wow. Saskatoon has it all, really.


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