Tuesday, May 09, 2006

State of Flux

It is a happy time at squirrel central, but a time of change as well. My sister has joined the nest after her long journey across Canada, and there is much rejoicing. But - quelle surprise! - she has brought all her stuff!! Somehow I knew that she owned clothing, dishes, furniture, but it never occurred to me that we would have to figure out how to integrate it into our existing mountain of possessions when she moved in.

Beans and Jim did a great job while I was at the conference minimizing the effect on the main living space, but there are many tiny bits of tweaking to be done.

We are all going to sit down, too, and decide whether now is really the optimal time to build a workshop in the backyard. We will likely go ahead with the project, but it is always good to have solid consensus before you dive in and start things rolling.

Beans talked us into adding a shower ring above our clawfoot tub, so she can have showers, and that apparatus has appeared over the weekend too. All it needs now is a couple of shower curtains. I am trepidacious about the effect of a shower on the window next to the tub, but I am hopeful that three clever squirrels can put their nut-brains together to figure it out.

Sprout has a single eczema bump on his head, which hasn't happened at all for almost a year, and yet again the 'mook' cure is doing the trick. There was just an article in a recent issue of Mothering magazine about alternate health uses of breastmilk, and it didn't specifically say 'minimize or eliminate eczema' but it had suggestions along the same lines.

I have post-conference-desk going on all around me at work - piles of promotional crap and good ideas all mixed up with the things that I'm catching up on because I was gone for a few days. But, ahhh, the conference was good. Good ideas, inspirational sessions, good networking chats, and even a bit of dancing!

Squirrels LOVE dancing.


Blogger liz said...

There is nothing like a good conference to refresh one's liking for one's field, no?

Good luck with the moving and assimilating. I wish ALL my sisters could live in one big giant house.

(With me as matriarch, though, as I am the oldest and therefore want to be the boss of everyone.) ;)

11:14 am  

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