Wednesday, May 19, 2004

For This I Went to University for 9 Years

The duties of a reference librarian are broad and far-reaching. I spent 20 minutes today picking jammed paper out of the bowels of the microfilm reader with a tweezers. They never tell you about these things in library school.

In honour of my 9 years of university, let's dust off our Latin, shall we?

squirrel: sciurus, -i, m. Isn't that great?!? Sounds like 'scurry'. Go ahead, smartypants, now do the declension.

Nominative sciurus
Genitive sciuri
[oh! the pain!]
Accusative sciurum
Dative sciuri
Ablative sciure
Ack. Can't do it. Can't even tell if I'm right or wrong. Brain has leaked out my ear. Very sad. Now the only Latin I can remember is the silly stuff that jokes are made of.

Pulla delenda est. /The chicken must be destroyed./
Romani plus possent quam Galli. /The Romans are stronger than the Gauls./ (why remember this??)
Veni vidi visa. /I came, I saw, I shopped./ (just kidding)


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