Saturday, May 15, 2004

Weather Report

It's a beautiful crisp (can you believe it's still 'crisp' in mid-May??) day in Saskatoon, and the Farmers' Market is once again set up in front of the Library for the summer. And I'm on the Reference Desk. Sigh.

Am finding this blogging thing to be TOO MUCH FUN, and so am limiting myself to one or two posts a day. Don't want to become narcissistic geek squirrel. Also don't want to be found passed out under my keyboard with a death-grip on the hot mouse.

Ick. Hot mouse. Officially referred to in the parlance of my peers as 'hot mouse syndrome' - e.g. when you go out to the public Internet computers to help someone, and the mouse is hot because it's been squeezed by a series of people non-stop for 6 hours.

I suppose hot mouse is preferable to cold mouse, if one considers the Library as a destination place? Don't I sound like Pollyanna in Hell ("What a great place to hike!" "No more down jackets ever!")(Don't you love Roz Chast).


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