Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Squirrel on the Reference Desk

Blogging could be a fun thing to do on the reference desk. Squirrels like to keep busy.

Ours is a busy reference desk some moments, and dull at others. It seems to ebb and flow minute by minute. Will take this opportunity to put forth, ahem, a theory.

Common features of librarians and squirrels:

* Squirrels live on branches. Many librarians work in branches.
* Both squirrels and librarians tend to be gourmands. No one has proved that squirrels, as a species, love cheesecake, but who knows what they do late at night, really.
* Only librarians are more curious than squirrels.
* Squirrels and librarians like to store things (see the first posting in this blog).
* When squirrels and librarians get run down and sick, their eyes get glassy and their fur gets dull and matted.
* Librarians and squirrels are always busy. Even when they're sitting quietly, they are thinking big thoughts. Okay, or stupid, little thoughts, such as commonalities between species. Thoughts nonetheless.
* Librarians, as a species, tend to have a cat fixation. What is that cat thing?? Perhaps they remind us of ourselves. Small, furry, wily.
* Squirrels leap from tree to tree; librarians leap from research topic to research topic. Both, of course, travelling gracefully and with purpose.
* Easy access to resources is key for both librarians and squirrels.

Okay, okay, enough of that.


Blogger MicaelaA said...

Wow, that kinda says it all. I have to get this to Judy, the reference librarian at my library... she will probably share it with the world via her reference librarian website. Email me quick ( if you are nervous about her doing that!

I have always admired squirrels and even fed a few in my day. Now I know why, thanks to you.

5:11 pm  

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