Friday, August 20, 2004

How Can it be Fall???

I think officially 'fall' is not capitalized by the rest of the world, but I always prefer to capitalize the seasons myself. It just looks so wrong as 'fall' and so right as 'Fall'. Seasons as proper nouns, says Gwen. That's my tiny bit of grammatical rebellion.

Am currently reading, in bits and pieces, "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss. Very entertaining, for anal grammar pigs comme moi. Am equally appalled at the use or lack of apostrophes in today's world. I like her idea of guerrilla tactics that grammaticians might employ.

I survived, narrowly, the creamed chicken and German struedel from the other night. Bit of a tummy ache, but no proneness and no screaming. One of my colleagues yesterday burst my little balloon of denial, and said that gall bladder problems don't just 'go away' and will return to me someday. Sigh. I had myself completely convinced of it before this conversation...

Am on the reference desk with Ms. Lauveen. We are browsing other blogs through the 'next blog' feature at the top of the blog screen. Days could pass you by, doing this! It's fascinating. I like how you get a different blog every time you try it. Like Russian roulette.

Okay, am stunned - do people really discuss, in graphic detail, their sex lives in blogs? Why?? To be titillating? Why do it for free? Why not write a romance novel and make some money at it? Seems like these folks need a hobby.

Seems like our culture is imploding. Thank God I'm really a squirrel.


Blogger liz said...

1. Received "E, S & L" as a gift Saturday. Can't stop reading it, so have had to place in bathroom to limit non-academic reading time!

2. Invariably write "fall," then change it to "Fall," then decide on "autumn" as sounding better and covering all bases anyway. (Complimented once by Scottish visitor on non-American usage, which probably reinforced this.)

3. Probably *is* their hobby!

3:36 pm  

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