Friday, December 17, 2004

The Cookbook

Tonight is the Information Services (my department) Christmas Party. We always do an 'appetizers and desserts' potluck, and believe you me, library people can cook. It should be great.

This year, instead of pulling names and exchanging gifts or doing the gift grab game, we decided to make an I.S. Cookbook. I collected all the recipes from everyone and put them together using Microsoft Publisher. Our graphic designer took a few digital photos for me and one of my colleagues gathered famous food and eating quotations to enhance it. I even indexed all the recipes and made a key at the back of the book. Aside from the fact that the cookbook is sprinkled with a few too many snowflakes (I am no graphic designer), it turned out really great.

There's nothing like a collaborative cookbook to bring a bunch of people together. It's such a feel-good effort. Now people from other departments want to buy copies, so we might even make a bit of cash for our slush fund!

The other thing we're doing this year at the party is some sort of 'pictionary' game using book titles. That should be good for kicks.


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