Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Saskatchewan Quiz

My sister in Ontario has been telling me hilarious stories about cultural differences between here and Ontario (her peers seem to have never heard of "the big white telephone", for example (!) Also, they only call billiard balls "solids and stripes" - they would never say "What are we? Are we the big ones?" when it's their time to shoot! What kind of rock do Onterribles live under anyway?) All of this has prompted a short quiz about Saskatchewan.

So Celiner-Keener doesn't answer all the questions straight off, and spoil it for everyone, please everyone only answer one question per comment.

1. What was Saskatchewan called before 1905?

2. What is a "two-four"?

3. How do you say "Saskatchewan" phonetically like a native-born Saskatchewan person?

4. What is the other name for "Boh Light"?

5. What does "riding bitch" mean?

6. Describe what a "bunnyhug" is.

7. Describe how to make "frajolaki".

8. What is another name for "matrimonial cake"?

9. Where is "Speedy Creek"?

10. Where is "P.A."?

11. How many people live in the Province of Saskatchewan, rounded off to the nearest big figure?

12. What is the other name for "Grant Devine's Giant Erection"?

13. Most of my hometown's population has now moved to "The Hat". Where is that?

14. Is daylight savings time a good idea or a bad idea?

15. What is the highest geographical point in Saskatchewan?

16. What province is so flat that you can watch your dog run away for 3 days?

17. What is a "quonset" and why do you need one?

18. What is a "saskatoon"?

19. What is the common name for "Richardson's Ground Squirrel"?


Blogger Gwen said...

Okay, I am having some guilt about calling Ontario people "Onterribles". I was just being a poop, and it was just really some inter-provincial ribbing. My apologies to Ontarians, and back to the quiz.

11:55 am  
Anonymous Laureen said...

Isn't a boh-light a Pilsner?

(don't feel guilty about Onterrible - word play like that is too good to pass up)

2:11 pm  
Blogger Eileen said...

Wow, I actually don't know all the answers! This makes a fleeting shiver of betrayal run through me. OK, I'm over it now.

Um, you forgot: What's "flip a shithook" mean? Oh, and Swish, one of my Onterrible friends, tells me that of course they know what a two-four is out here.

10:28 pm  
Blogger liz said...

I only know the answers to numbers 4-6, and that's just from reading this blog.

(Although I do have strong personal opinions about #14.)

10:08 am  
Blogger Gwen said...

Ooh, daylight savings time - tell me, tell me! This is a very divisive issue in Saskatchewan. What are your thoughts?

10:15 am  
Blogger liz said...

Nearly every year (and twice!) I lecture/bore those around me with the same propaganda:

"Daylight savings was originally invented to help out people in agricultural labor, who made up a large percentage of the population. Now those people only make up about 3% of the population, and methods have changed completely anyway. There's no need for such a huge hassle for an outdated concept."

(Of course, then I have to go and sink into fanaticism and suggest that if we just want to maintain that delicious illusory sense of gaining an hour in the fall, we could simply move all clocks backward once or twice a year. Or even every season! Why not? In a few years we'd be right back where we started.)

2:27 pm  

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