Monday, September 12, 2005

Other Library News

The project that I've been working on all Summer with some of my colleagues has finally been unleashed: Subject Guides.

For a number of years, we have had recommended Internet Resources on a number of topics on our Library's website. Last year, we decided to rethink them (a la Kansas City Public Library and Las Vegas County Library System), and focus on hot topics, local information, and value-added library service. We also decided to focus on the questions that people ask us often, instead of having links on every topic out there.

Now, you can pop into our Subject Guides and find out the best sources of information on a number of topics, such as 'where to eat in Saskatoon' and 'buying and selling a house'. Following on the topic of computer classes from my last post, there are also some good possibilities regarding Subject Guides about computer literacy. 'How to use a mouse' is begging to be written up.

No rest for the perky squirrel.


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