Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Day of Changes

Lots of things change today.

I am back at work after a few short holidays.

My sister flies back to Ontario, to continue furniture design school. Boo hoo. I miss her when she's so far away.

Must remember to write 2006 on the top of each reference question sheet I write out, instead of 2005. Somehow this is a tremendous effort. Perhaps the decaf coffee I'm drinking on my current break will help (perhaps not).

I have a new (yet another new) self-improvement project: I have decided not to keep trying to get myself to dress in suits and dresses. I have decided, cleverly I think, to embrace the real me (jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts) by simply putting lovely suit jackets over top and wearing heeled shoes. It seems to be working! - people are telling me how fabulous I look, and I've only simply thrown a jacket over top. Am feeling terribly suave.

For the first four days of 2006, I have felt that I am disappearing. I am losing myself. I am the brown blend-in-with-the-underbrush-and-keep-the-babies-safe female bird. But today the cloud is lifting.

Perhaps 'ought six will be all right, after all.


Blogger liz said...

That is my favorite professorial garb, as well. I especially like wearing a man's white workshirt (Starvation Army vintage), a cream sweater over that, and then a tweedy jacket. I feel like I look smarter. Also a bonus effect for librarians, I would imagine!

Now, if I could only begin smoking a pipe...

9:44 am  

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