Monday, January 23, 2006

Torrid Affair

I had a brief and torrid affair with strep throat this week, but have rediscovered the efficacy of antibiotics. The difference in my energy levels between the day before the first dose and the day after were stunning. Saturday morning, I bounced out of bed a perky, perky squirrel and skipped around work all day being superwoman.

Since I worked the weekend, today is my day off - and it's full of possibilities. I dream about carving spoons in a shop full of young bohemians, but I suppose my time will come too. Until then, I might simply clean the basement and perhaps glue a loose chair leg while listening to CBC radio.

Or not. Does one want to listen to CBC radio on election day? Especially if one is in the riding of Mo-Mo Vellycott? Erm, perhaps not.


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