Friday, May 26, 2006


Just glanced at the new issue of The Advocate magazine, a magazine for gay and lesbian people. The cover feature is an article about gay polygamy, or gay men with multiple partners.

But wait! Doesn't 'polygamy' mean multiple wives, and doesn't 'polyandry' mean multiple husbands? Shouldn't it be gay polyandry?

Damn. Shot down by the Oxford Concise. 'Polygamy' can mean multiple mates. This just seems sloppy to me, when there is a more concise term available.

Or, maybe it's fitting that there are multiple terms for the concept of having multiple partners. Sort of like self-reflective literature, or whatever they call that.

Aren't I so clever today. Or perhaps I just don't feel like doing my very exciting database evaluation report.


Blogger liz said...

People I know from the community in this area tend to call it polyamory, which I guess covers a lot of potential ground.

10:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Polygammy: multiple spouses
Polygyny: Man with multiple wives
Polyandry: Woman with multiple spouses
Polyamory: multiple loves

2:24 pm  

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