Thursday, September 28, 2006


In some ways it's a time of change for this squirrel, and in other ways life is so elemental.

Yesterday was my last day in Info Services, and Monday I start my new job. I did a pretty good job of tying off most of the loose ends, and wrote a how-to manual on details of the job, but who knows if it will all make sense. I love working in IS with my colleagues, so I feel like I'll be back there again someday. It won't be the same, though. Some people are getting older, and so perhaps they will have retired before I ever work there again. It's sad.

This whole baby-boomers-retire-in-one-big-rush not only leaves the organization scrambling for corporate memory, it leaves us missing the funny, clever people that we used to work with.

Anyway, so I'm having maudlin thoughts like this, and pondering career changes, and rushing around to clean off my desk. But I'm also doing simple things like walking in and out of the Co-Oc grocery store 3 times in one night to buy more than my limit of the toilet paper that's on sale.

Yesterday I was completely distracted. I was convinced that I lost my eyeglasses all day. I went back to work at 8:30 p.m. and searched for them for half an hour. And where were they? I found them in my backpack. Too many things going on at once in my tiny nut brain.

Auntie Bean is working very, very hard on her shop in our back yard, and the shop is looking fantastic. I talked her into trimming the exterior out to match the house, and we're painting it red and orange to match. It's so beautiful, especially when you consider that it is a new building. New buildings usually look like crap. Auntie gets frustrated about spending all the extra time that the trim takes, but agrees that it's beautiful. Today I have a holiday booked to help with shingling the outside, and sundry other tasks. Must attend very important conference planning cttee meeting first, though.

Gotta go. Sprout just woke up and will dominate my time from here on in.


Anonymous Amy said...

As a library patron, I will miss bumping into you at the downtown branch. I never go to that other library, but I hope you find some new familiar faces over there. It's the right time of year for a change... So good luck.

11:58 am  

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