Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mook Conversations

Sprout is still nursing, and this morning we had a conversation about mommy mook. Here are the parts that made me laugh:

Sprout: I want mommy mook.
Me: Oh, and where are you going to get that from? The store? The gas station? (We do this conversation over and over. It's our little running joke together.)
Sprout: No, fwom da boobie!! [giggle]

Me: How do you think the mommy mook gets in the boobie, Sprout?
Sprout: Da baby dwinks it all, and den it gwows back.

Me: And what does mommy mook taste like?
Sprout: It tastes like chocolate bars from a thousand houses.

(And how do you top that.)


Blogger liz said...

That is so advanced and literately cute, as TheLimey was charmed to have me point out. Clearly Sprout's the child of a librarian!

(Hopefully our giant book collection will partly make up for our non-librarian status[es].)

8:31 pm  

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