Thursday, January 11, 2007

Parents Don't Play Fair

Poor Sprout. When he thinks he knows the rules, the rules always change.

The other night, I made falafel burgers for supper. Although Sprout likes savoury foods and eats a wide range of things, he pronounced that "Dat falafel is... Yuck!!" (And the food is usually pretty good around here so he had this little look of disbelieving outrage on his face that food could actually taste bad.)

Anyway, I always like him to sample things that he doesn't like anyway, even if he doesn't eat them. I said, "Please eat a little more falafel." "No, dank you," he replied. "If you have one more bite," I said, "I'll stop chasing you around with it." He had one more bite and we ended the interaction.

Twenty minutes later, I announced that I needed to go to an appointment (haircut), and that night Sprout decided that he didn't want me to go. He cried, he clung to my leg, he suggested that Daddy go instead, etc, etc. At last, in despair, he said, "If you stop needing to go, I'll stop chasing you around."

And did I agree like I was supposed to? No, of course not. Off I went to my appointment anyway.

Ooh, those parents. Don't they just get you sometimes.


Blogger PostCards said...

It is with trepidation that we, as parents, should enter the years in which our words and logic can be used against us. Because those years never end!

8:53 am  
Blogger Carmi said...

Falafel is an acquired taste anyway. It took my wife years to come around to it.

You're a great negotiator. I'm learning from your lead.

8:30 pm  

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