Monday, December 11, 2006


Reasoning with Sprout is getting more and more complicated. Of course, he is almost four.

Last night, our staff Christmas party was held at a local schmancy hotel, on the mezzanine with a fine view of the waterslides off to one side. Sprout, of course, wants to go on those waterslides.

Sprout: Are we staying in dis hotel tonight, Mama? [gazing at the big yellow plastic slide tubing]

Me: No, we don't have enough money to stay in this hotel tonight.

Sprout: Can we stay in dis hotel sometime, Mama?

Me: Yes, someday we can stay in this hotel. About once a year we have enough money to stay in a hotel.

Sprout: [Looking at me critically] Don't you work a lot, Mama?

Me: Yes, I do work a lot, but most of that money goes to buying food for us to eat, or paying for house bills like heat and electricity...

Sprout: Can't you work more so we can stay in dis hotel? Maybe you could work a thousand days.



Blogger SJ said...

I clicked on your blog from Carmi's Written Inc. I too have a four year old, and this could have easily been him talking. I smiled when I read it. =) Happy New Year!

9:50 pm  

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