Friday, October 21, 2011


I have just realized that I can't confidently spell 'decrepit'. Does this ever happen to you, when a word looks completely wrong written down? It happened to me once with 'does'. Because 'does' doesn't sound like 'does' when you say it, right? I completely blanked.

Anyway, Google sez that the Squirrel duz know how to spell 'decrepit'. Thank goodness for that.

I am feeling decrepit this week. Let me count the ways. (This would be the boo-hoo pity blog, popular among squirrels who are looking for the blogging easy out.)(The Pity Party, as Aunt Frieda would say.)

Monday. My new boots gave me a giant blister, and I have literally been wearing slippers (very beautiful slippers, but still, slippers) all this week. Monday, the blister was so big that I wore my slippers on the bus instead of attempting to walk the 12 minutes to work.

Tuesday. Tuesday, I ate so many cookies (am temporarily the quality control cookie taster at the Library, while I get the cookies we give out at programs up to my standard) that I had to stay home for a few hours Wednesday until my tummy stopped aching.

Wednesday. Wednesday I drywalled the ceiling with my head angled sideways long enough to give myself a seized muscle bump on one shoulderblade and a headache. Obviously didn't drink enough Mountain Dew (my sister says drywallers all drink Mountain Dew.)(Who can say why.)

Thursday. Thursday I got a cold and actually didn't make it all the way through the new play at Persephone. Needed to lie down, and so we snuck out at the intermission.

Friday. Almost started to cry because my favourite bike shop is not open, and they have my bike until I can pick it up when they're open. Don't cry very often. Concluded that my sniffles were making me whingy.

Hey, how do you spell 'whingy/whingey' anyway?


Blogger Julie said...

I think it's whiney - but I could be wrong!

Yeah, I know what you mean about having grouchy weeks, and coming down with colds can be one of the causes :(

4:28 pm  
Blogger Laureen said...

In Australia it's whingey and you pronounce the "g" but I think Julie's right for Canada. (Hi Julie!)

4:43 pm  
Blogger Julie said...

Hi Laureen,

Is this Laureen from SPL, who taught us a course at Kelsey? Nice to get a note from you! Where are you these days? Are you still doing your fantastic art? Do you have a website?

3:18 pm  

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