Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Only by the force of extreme will am I blogging tonight. If I am going to make this a habit again, something has got to shift.

I think it's Facebook's fault. Once you've plumbed the depths of Facebook, and have absorbed all the chirping from all your peeps, where are the fresh brain cells to be had?

There's something to this. Yes. Perhaps I need to blog first, and then catch up on the 'news' later. Hmm.

My life, generally, is very elemental these days. Tonight, after work, we ate supper and then took Sprout to his swimming lesson. I love pools. I've spent a lot of time in my life in pools. They are safe, happy places for me. They make me drowsy. When we go with Sprout, we sit on the floor near the pool, with our backs against the wall. I had a nice daydreamy snooze tonight, with my feet up on the wall and my hand on Jimbo's knee, listening to the sounds of kids and water.

Soon after we got home, everybody else snogged off. So I've tidied my e-mail inbox, read the whole tide of Facebook news, shopped for jobs and houses and campervans online (compulsive browser), stared at my unused treadmill speculatively, watched the new baby fish in the aquarium repeatedly (we've segregated them this time, so they might actually live), and eaten more red licorice than is ever a good idea.

Tomorrow I go to a special care home to read to a group of seniors. They like happy, interesting stories, and I always need to bring an armload of jokes. The worse the joke, the better. Here's one I found in a seniors' newspaper yesterday (paraphrased):

"I have headaches and foot aches. I've got arthritis here, and heart palpitations there. There are cataracts in my eyes, I'm hard of hearing, and I snore like a freight train. I've suffered from dementia. My hands shake and my ears ring. I don't remember if I'm 85 or 86. It's tough getting old. Thank goodness I've still got my Saskatchewan driver's licence."

Hard to top that.


Blogger Gwen said...

Just had to check my spelling of 'licence'. Can never get the Canadian spelling straight on that.

10:34 pm  

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