Sunday, October 23, 2011


We got da plumbin' woes. Woes at our house.

Yesterday morning the tub wouldn't drain quickly and the toilet started 'bubbling'. Yeah, bubbling. If it was alive, it would have been glugging or gargling.

I had to go off to a workshop. When I checked on the fambly later, Jimbo had the toilet pulled off and was thinking new wax ring. Later that progressed to a need for Drano, and then a need for a Roto Rooter guy to clean out the toilet drain.

Mr. Roto Rooter came late last night, he snaked the drain, and the toilet went back on. Now, every time we flush, both sinks in the house start to glug. There is something really weird and wrong going on.

Now we're waiting until a plumber doesn't cost a million dollars (i.e. waiting for the weekend to be over), to see if we need the stack to be cleaned out or if it's tree roots downunda. Or something else we haven't thought of.

Tiptoeing around, flushing with our fingers crossed. A little tense around here. I suppose it's good to be reminded how good we've got it most days.

Was talking to a taxi driver yesterday about plumbing woes, and he told me he took his Canadian daughter back to Africa for a visit, and she didn't know how to go to the bathroom without a flush toilet. There was no way she'd pee in the bushes. He had to drive her to a flush toilet before she would go. We had a good laugh together about that.

Happy flushing, readers.


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