Friday, May 21, 2004

People I Want to Meet Someday

I am thinking of creating regular features in my blog, such as 'People I Want to Meet Someday' - topics or themes that come up again and again.

Can a blog have regular features? Am I thinking of it in an old-fashioned way, like a newspaper? I am discovering that I write in a linear fashion - if you read the oldest postings first and go forward, it makes more sense and has more context than if you read the newest postings first and go backward. Is this an old-fashioned way of thinking? In a virtual world, does the past matter?

When I was painting the other day, I was listening to a radio interview with an elderly but famous urban planner who had just written a book...[research, research] Dark Age Ahead, by Jane Jacobs. She is predicting that we will slip into a dark age (as in Dark Ages) if we don't preserve our urban culture. Doom and destruction. Squirrel smells danger.

Anyway, in the virtual age, where new postings are what is most important, and where archiving is a serious matter, should I bother to write a blog in a way that refers back to past postings? Will the audience get it? Perhaps, of course, to minimize hubris, I should be first asking myself if there is an audience. Not to get too important in this tiny void of cybersquirreldom.

Ahem, people I would like to meet someday:

A librarian who actually loved library school. Someone for whom library school was not a soul-destroying, 'teeth gnashing in the outer darkness' sort of experience. Are they out there? Who are they? Were they on medication at the time?


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