Sunday, May 23, 2004


My husband, who has a very high tolerance for silly, says that I am pushing the silly envelope with my last two posts. And now for something less silly and more sentimental.

In honour of 'Sprout', my son, turning 15 months old today, we have counted up all the words we have heard him say so far.

mummy daddy milk house uncle auntie truck car Pius(cat next door) bus schoolbus book sleep bed nap my pen key keys keyhole shoes socks foot bellybutton bum poop pee penis diaper bathtub duckie monkey bottle funnel car-ride home supper breakfast zucchini strawberry pear banana rice apple applesauce potato chicken meat block spoon surprise moon sun stars bird Gus(dog next door) hi bye-bye no mine doctor cream shampoo pants cheese sandwich salmon vegetables peas please coat shirt nose tongue feet grinder Cheerios up down push pull kiwi pig cat kitty puppy dog doggie moo quack baa tuna noodles water juice back muffin boo-hoo this that look music uh-huh mm-hmm walk ride want open cracker cookie Allison(sister) Jeremy(brother-in-law) Isabel(daycare friend) Zoe(ditto) table hide find outside sleepy sky tree boobie one two four five six doorbell dix(10 in French) hand Jack(family cat) Gary(works at the library) library bad clock rock owie hat box ball balloon pillow sit pineapple yucky go stop funny circle bunny card fish door yellow purple wagon bee plant flower letter uh-oh yam toast bread yoghurt frog box Grandma phone tattoo hot on off light park bubbles bike movie messy plug drain faucet tap teeth laundry wow kleenex

Happy Birthday, Sprout. It's been a wild ride.


Blogger MicaelaA said...

The sprout sounds relatively brilliant. And his other activities (pinching) remind me of the ankle-biting phase (hey, I was busy at the drawing table!) and the screaming phase. At 21, my daughter shows no lasting effects from passing through them.

Smart was good in my family also. Now I wish I'd done more with "finish" or "accomplish". My second daughter craves a wide variety of things to do, but after a taste, prefers moving on to something else rather than developing expertise. Then again, it may be her personality as opposed to the way I raised her.

Now you have to teach Sprout to say "squirrel"...

7:51 am  
Blogger rondino said...

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2:49 pm  
Blogger rondino said...

What a great list! At 15 months no less. No doubt as brilliant as ma and pa. Our 22 month-old squinch has a similar vocabulary but only we can decipher it. To the rest of the world it sounds very much like puh, suh, muh, duh, and shuh. We keep hoping for the best, however. :)

2:50 pm  
Blogger Eileen said...

methinks someone forgot to mention he can say "shit" quite clearly. what a smart nephew i have! auntie will teach you to swear in thai when she gets home! shhhhhhh!

auntie bean

11:59 pm  

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