Monday, October 25, 2004

This Was the Post I Was Working on Monday

I'm getting to be a frustrated blogger, since I am too busy at work to make a post every day. This is what I had started to write on Monday, but didn't get finished...

Back in Black. And Red.

I'm back from my sojourn to Calgary, a la Netspeed Conference. I have learned many tiny details about technology in libraries, you with which I will not bore. In a spare hour, I popped across the street to the Sally Ann and shopped undisturbed for an hour (when you're a parent, anything done undisturbed for an hour is bliss). I adore second-hand clothing shopping, and my persistence was awarded with a very beautiful red, satinesque jacket that I am wearing to host a program tonight.

Whenever I go to a library conference, I am struck by how many of us LOOK LIKE LIBRARIANS. It always makes me want to make an effort for a day or two. Today, I fancy that I look very trendy. Of course, I may just look like a librarian trying to look trendy.

There is librarian fashion in the stereotypical style, and then there are subsets of librarian fashion. There is, for example, the very natural 'I love world music' librarian. There is the functional but blase 'If I could only be a brain in a jar, and didn't have to worry about dressing up my earthly shell' librarian style [this is me, most of the time]. There is the 'make-up from the 80s has always worked for me' librarian. There is the 'don't you just love bag dresses - it's just like being Elisabeth Bennett!!' librarian. Most of us get eye-strain at some point, so we mostly wear glasses. There are probably more women with their hair in buns than in the general population, it's true.

A fun game to do, actually, at a library conference is to sit in a shop near the conference venue and play 'spot the librarian'. It's very amusing.

Anyway, today, I am too cute to be a librarian.


Blogger argotnaut said...

Ooh! Ooh! _I_ want to be a brain in a jar!

12:10 am  
Blogger liz said...

(What happened to a bigheaded creature supported by a wheeled frame?!)

I think those categories also generalize to psychologists. Especially those of us who must teach undergrads, too. I have never bunned my hair as much in a decade as I have this fall!

5:37 pm  

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