Monday, September 27, 2004

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

"Send me digital photos of you guys," she says.
"Uh oh," I reply, "What for?"
"I think you'd make great lino cuts! I'm making a textile project on the theme of distance, and you are all so far away..."

I am the victim of yet another art project.

I think I know too many art people, and hence am in a few too many projects for my comfort. First there was the photo portrait show on women and body image, where along with 20 other women, I got to write all over a photo of my face - coincidentally, it hung in this library's art gallery years before I worked here and Jimbo saw it before he met me. Then there was the video about pantyhose where I got to prance around in my electric orange stockings (boy, I hope someone burned that tape). Not to mention the unmentionable photo shoots.

Now, my sister has had the brillant idea to turn my face, and the faces of my family, into lino cuts so she can block print onto fabric with them for her textiles class. It's too funny. If you're wondering what I look like, this is not it:

Jimbo and Sprout are worth a laugh too - see Celine's blog for more.


Blogger Eileen said...

Hey! Don't you have to pay me to use that photo?

6:40 pm  

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