Thursday, October 28, 2004

Today's My EDO

I am at home today, since it's my 'Earned Day Off'. EDOs are so great - I usually plan a bunch of things and get a good load of home renovations done on my EDO. Today I have a big headache, though, since I slept in a funny position and since my child kept waking me up every hour or so for 'mook'.

I think I am being punished for going away last weekend to the conference. Before the conference, Sprout would wake me up about twice a night to nurse, but for the last four nights post-conference, he is waking me up all the time and wants to nurse non-stop for 1/2 an hour at a time. It is possible that he is just teething and wants comfort. Or, he wants to make sure I don't leave him again and the best way to keep track of me is to be constantly breastfeeding. "Is she still here? [Gum, gum, gum] Yup! Z-z-z-z-z..."

I had another runaway breastpump incident at the conference. The only other time I left the Sprout with Daddy for 2 days was the SLA Conference in Regina in May. At that one, I brought my breastpump so I could pump and store my milk to take home with me. After a day of pumping, suddenly I had to pump every three hours because I was making so much milk! Boy was I happy to get home that time. This time in Calgary, I decided to bring my pump and to only pump for about 3 minutes on each side - not to get much milk, but to ensure that I keep producing it. Anyway, even at 3 minutes on each side, suddenly one of my breasts was huge and in-my-face after a day. This tells me that Sprout doesn't actually take much milk usually, since my breastpump was obviously stimulating the breast way more than the baby does. Again, happy to get home and back to normal.

Sometimes I laugh about the animal things we live with as we walk erect and pretend to be intellectual humans. There I was trying to be a clever and productive librarian, while thinking quietly to myself, 'oooh, big boob, ouch, ouch, big boob, dang'. And don't forget, we're all actually NAKED under our clothes. Isn't that a shocking thought.


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