Sunday, December 19, 2004

Introducing... The Sprout

One of my tiny goals in life right now is to learn how to add photos to my blog. Everyone else seems to be able to do it, so I must conclude that this is within the realm of possibilities. I downloaded Hello the other day, so if there's a photo below at the end of this, I have had success. (Except that Jack the cat just pooped in the litter box 5 feet away, and now I have to stop computing and muck out the stall first.)

Which brings to mind 'catfight at crepuscule'. When I was younger and much more elegant than I am now, I used to go to see every band that came through town. At one point I ended up buying a tape from a band, and the tape had a song on it called "Catfight at Crepuscule". Isn't that the sort of too-precious song title that you end up with after smoking a lot of pot. Anyway, now the closest I come to 'too cool to live' is "catbox at crepuscule". The irony of it all.

But enough of that. Am determined to post at least one photo tonight.


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