Friday, January 28, 2005


I can't resist a squirrel blog, and yesterday I stumbled upon Cheeky Squirrel!

Whitesquirrel is also looking like a promising read, not to mention the very beautiful Miss-Bianca-like squirrel photo at the top.

In other news, I'm a working machine! Something clicked last week and suddenly I'm getting tons of things done in my job. I've recently been reading one of those 'organize your work life' books, so maybe that's the trick. I read books like this occasionally, and most of it I'm usually already doing in some fashion, but each new book has at least one good idea. The two bits of wisdom that I'm taking from the latest read are these:

* handle every piece of paper only once (and the same could be said for e-mail messages) (this is tough, especially if you don't have years of experience in the job and you get snagged on something you don't understand! Comme moi.)

* spend your best brain hours working on the task that will have the highest impact (I tend to clear all the little niggling things off my desk first so I don't keep anyone waiting to hear from me, and then move on to the elephantine job at hand, but maybe all those people can wait an hour?)(I also tend to think 'big task, little task', but I don't think 'highest impact' very often)

At home, Sprout woke up this morning with Pink Eye, and so he's at home with Jim doing boy things. The doctor directed Jim to put Polysporin IN Sprout's eyes. I bet that's a fun parental activity. Can't wait for my turn!


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