Friday, January 21, 2005

Rash of Photos

I just got some film developed, and there were a few nice ones which I have scanned and uploaded here. Mostly for Auntie, who is so dreadfully far away.

I learned how to scan with Photoshop and upload my photos with Hello a number of weeks ago, but of course, this morning I had to call Jim at work and get him to walk me through the whole thing again. There's something about my brain that refuses to learn this stuff. It's funny.

I have a brain like a steel trap for other things. I can tell you most everything that was decided at every Library union meeting I've been to in the last 9 years, and the rationale behind it. I can tell you where every one of the 250 staff members (aside from the newer shelvers that I've never met) in our library system works, and at what pay level. I instantly memorize any important phone numbers I need, and I even store the page number of the current book I'm reading in my short-term memory so I don't have to dog-ear the book or waste my time flipping. And yet, the minute I sit in front of this computer and think about scanning/uploading/downloading/whatever, I can't even remember where to start. Goofy.

Today is my day off for puttering (Sprout's at daycare) before I work the weekend. I'm hoping to have a nice nap this afternoon, since I'm rather sleep-deprived. On top of a lot of staying up late, yesterday, Sprout woke up at 6:00 a.m. and we argued for an hour about whether he would go back to sleep or not (not). I don't know why I don't just accept that the minute he makes a full sentence, he's too awake and it's over. Wishful thinking, I suppose. I'm also going hard at work, which is making me tired.

This week I love my job. I haven't loved my job since I left the Outreach Services Department about 4 years ago, and I'm the sort that really needs to love my job. The position I have currently was a new position when I started it in February 2004, and I've finally got most of the processes smoothed out so I can dispense with the necessary tasks quickly and spend some time doing interesting projects.

But, today is my day off and I have the following fun tasks on my list: declutter (send boxes of baby clothes to imminently-pregnant step-daughter), shop at second-hand clothing store for more pants for potty-training Sprout (I love shopping, in whatever form), have a quick coffee with Mo (who returns to the workforce Monday after 4 years of straight parenting), have that elusive nap (I have a hard time napping if there are fun things to do), and maybe even buy myself a new swimsuit (shocked to discover old suit starting to become transparent?!? Damn that chlorine). Oh. But it's already noon... Maybe that nap is a pipe-dream...


Blogger Paul said...

Now that is one *cute* squirrel! Nice to see who you're so often talking about, thanks for sharing.

What's "film"?

4:15 pm  

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