Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Gigantic Boob Incident

Last week, I kicked someone out of the Library because he was viewing porn on our Internet computers. We have a very clear Internet use policy, but of course we still have people viewing porn when they can get away with it. We don't hover over the terminals trying to catch the perpetrators; we usually notice that something is amiss when we are strolling by and we see a quick switch of windows from graphics to text as soon as they notice us.

My office is right near the terminals, and when I left my office, this guy last week did the quick window switch. I caught enough that I knew he had been looking at a standing naked person, but (thankfully) I didn't have to see anything more upsetting than that. I did my short errand in the back workroom, and thought I'd peek at his screen before I returned to my office; we have the responsibility to uphold the policy, especially if there's a chance that children might see what he's viewing. He was viewing graphics of naked flesh again: it was a close-up of a breast, and he was zoomed in so much that it completely filled the screen. I told him 'this is not acceptable, and you'll have to go, etc', and the whole thing ended without further incident. It's usually much more upsetting to deal with these porn guys since the pictures are usually very disturbing, we have to work in a place that has creeps looking at this stuff, and they often deny it or swear at you, etc., etc.

I had to stifle massive giggling, though, through this whole thing. Because I'm still breastfeeding, breasts have become completely de-sexualized for me. They are tools that have a very important nourishment-related job. It was just so weird to see a little man's head centered in front of a picture of a giant breast. He looked desperate to nurse or something. How can a breast THAT BIG be titillating (pardon the pun)?? My first thought was that obviously he has major residual 'my mother didn't breastfeed me' issues. The world is a very weird place. Thank God there are a few decent men in it who don't spend their time like this.


Blogger liz said...

Very. VERY. Freudian.

Next week: patrons who experienced improper potty-training? (We better hope not.)

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