Sunday, March 13, 2005

Scurry Scurry Drop

I'm bustling around trying to get ready for our little trip to Vancouver. Laundry, suitcases, tiny little rubber boots, small toys for the airplane, where to pack the potty seat, stack up the catfood, find out if taxis have carseats (why don't taxis have carseats??), etc. etc.

And in between the scurrying, I fall fast asleep most nights at 9:00 p.m. I'm usually a high energy person, but for about six weeks now I've had what feels like mono. I had mono when I was eighteen (first year university - missed the whole French Revolution in history class), and I missed a week of school and then napped daily for a year. My regular schedule is asleep-at-midnight, up-at-seven (aside from a wild two years of night nursing). Suddenly, six weeks ago, I had a bad cold that started with what felt like narcolepsy. I was babysitting alone while Jim worked a Saturday, and spent the whole day following the Sprout around and trying to prop my eyelids open.

Either I have a mild case of mono, or all this extended nursing has finally sapped all the vitamins and minerals from my body. OR (sudden brainstorm), it's all because I gave chocolate up for Lent...

Back to the laundry...


Anonymous Heather said...

My money's on the chocolate. I gave up sodas (though I'm not Catholic, just a sucker for sacrifice...), and I've been more scatterbrained than usual.

10:24 am  
Blogger liz said...

If it's being drained, I have to sound like an advertisement and recommend those Emergen-C fizzy vitamin drink packets. I had a month-long flu once that left me nearly dead (and in the ER a couple of times), and what got me back to feeling like myself was drinking those things.

I think I wouldn't been able to get through grad school without them! (It might be the B-complex--but whatever it is, I'm totally hooked now.)

2:20 pm  

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