Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Invisible Grandma

My Polish grandmother has been dead for many years, but we have a photo of her and me on the wall in the dining room. Sprout and I have been through all the photos on the wall many times, and he knows who is who. When we come to her, I always say, "That's MY grandma."

Yesterday he pointed at her photo and blew me away with this comment: "Dat's de invisible grandma." "The invisible grandma?" I said. "Did you say that because you've never met her?" "Yeah, I never met her," he said.

So, does this two-year-old really think that way, or is it just a coincidence that it came out sounding so clever? Who can say. This is, of course, the same child that will still answer "yes" occasionally if I ask him if he is a water buffalo.


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