Monday, July 04, 2005

Last Day of Holidays

Today is the last day of my holidays. Jim already went back, but I have today off since I work Tuesday to Saturday this week.

Our deck is getting closer to having planking all over it, but the back yard is still a minefield of holes, construction, and discarded board ends. I am running around today cleaning up and making things ready: my sister comes to visit tonight from Ontario!

She is allergic to our cats, so I have to vacuum the house from top to bottom, and set up her alternate sleeping arrangements. I am still working on re-organizing the basement too, so it should be a busy day.

I could use another week or two of holidays. It's been so great to not have to think about work (even though I actually like my job). I had my interview a few weeks back for a supervisory job at the Library, and I am still completely undecided about what I will say if they offer it to me. Being so totally undecided about a job is not my usual stance, and so I am thinking that that in itself is a message that taking it might be a problem. It's been nice not having to think about that.

Ah well. One must work to grow and change. After one more blog, will go out there and enjoy the day.


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