Sunday, July 03, 2005

Big Guys and Little Guys

And then last week was Jim's 50th birthday. Wow. We had a great day, low-key and comfortable. No pink flamingos on the lawn. No shocking photos in the newspaper. Just a good dinner and lots of babysitting on my part. I asked him what he wanted to do for his big birthday, and he said, "To work on the deck." That's my squirrel - we always get wrapped up in the project at hand. Rue the day we don't have a project.

Sprout has been getting involved in the project (fledgling squirrel!) as often as he can, helping to hold the drill or pretending to hammer nails into blocks of wood. Suddenly, in the middle of Jim's birthday, I had an inspiration. Sprout and I were at the park and I said, "[Sprout], do you want to go and get your own set of tools?" "Yes," he said (of course).

The big toy store (evil big box) carries sets of toy carpentry tools for little workers, and I always thought that Sprout would enjoy them some day. We don't often buy him toys, because you can't beat sticks, rocks, dandelions, and bugs, but I thought it was time to get some tools. These tool sets are made by Homme Despot, a.k.a. "The Evil Empire (another big box)". I hate H.D., but I must admit that they make great fake tools. The little battery-operated circular saw is a riot.

Now Sprout pulls out his tools every day and does some serious work, either inside or outside. He knots his brows together, sets his chin, and says, "I building da deck. I building da deck, Mommy," or, "I am a working man, Mommy." It is SO cute.

Although, the bottom does drop out of my stomach when I watch him running around my antique oak coffee table, sawing imaginary chunks out of it with the little circular saw, or cutting the couch cushions 'in half' with the plastic hand saw. It may not bode well for the future of my furniture. But he's happy.

I've been cooking a lot lately (I used to be an uninspired cook), and took the roast chicken with winter veggies to a new level by throwing in hot Italian sausage, in honour of the big birthday. Jim is an excellent cook, so it's great when he really likes my cooking. This meal was a big hit. A good day all 'round for my guys.


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