Friday, August 26, 2005

Blog Pressure!

My little sister has gone back to Ontario for the school year (boo hoo), and so I feel the pressure to blog cleverly and to blog often for her reading enjoyment.

It was great to have her here staying with us for six weeks. She did a lot of skillful renovations for us, and the conviviality was, of course, fabulous. Now the house seems so empty, but I'm sure we'll pull ourselves together. At least any Ritter Sport chocolate bars that I buy will now last longer in the fridge, without her here...


Blogger Eileen said...

Those six weeks have made me realize the error in my ways of having a regular coffee maker. What a waste of good beans! This stuff tastes like poo. I must purchase a bodum immediately!

More news, squirrel; more news! And I must have photos of the dictionary shelf. But no pressure...

6:15 am  

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