Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mall Tour 2005

I am chairing an outreach project here at the Library, where on three Thursdays in October and November, we are going to have a table and display at a shopping mall in the City to promote E-Library Services.

We are going to have a wireless laptop to demonstrate E-Services, and to make library cards for people who want them. I am not sure who will want to stop and talk to us, but I am hoping that this is the start of some interesting outreach projects.

The next project that I would like to do is to make presentations to community associations and to parent councils for schools. I like the idea of a captive audience for 20 minutes. Hopefully, we're moving in that direction.

For the moment, though, I'm working on mental plans to entice shoppers to our display table. "Pssst, hey you - wanna get some consumer product information, before you buy that fridge?"


Blogger racers_girl said...

That sounds great! I will make sure to stop by. Taba

8:32 am  

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