Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Before and After Bathroom Photos 4


The wall paint started out more hideous (Jim said it was the wrong colour, but I insisted - that's one of the things I like about him - he will let me do stupid things occasionally, so I learn my lesson), but once we added more black to the green it came out a very nice hue. The towel rack and the wood trim capped off our bathroom renovations, and it's a joy to take a bath in there.

And that's our bathroom adventure! (Aside from a few savage stories about living here for a week without plumbing that I couldn't possibly talk about on the Internet.)


Blogger Eileen said...

Having personally bathed in there, I'd have to agree that it's loverly. Still can't figure out how that plant thrives in its dark, north-facing corner. Somehow your bathroom has the light of a tropic understory.

2:32 pm  

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