Monday, October 24, 2005

I Love Boggle

Jim and I have been hooked on the daily crossword and cryptoquip in the newspaper since my sister turned us onto them during the Summer. This weekend, we took the obsession further and dusted off the Boggle game that we had up in the cupboard. I love Boggle almost as much as I love groovy words, and so almost no one will play with me because I'm pretty good at it. Jim has a few very competitive bones in his body, though, and has decided to take me on.

This is fun, but is also a worry. Jim is really good at getting good at things. Like the time when we were first dating that we used to go and play pool (billiards) for fun. I've played pool since I was a teenager, and could keep up if not excel in it. Jim and I were pretty evenly matched, for a while. UNTIL HE STARTED READING BOOKS ON HOW TO PLAY POOL.

Now, I AM a librarian, and I do think reading is a universal good. However, it really ticks me off that someone can read three books on how to play billiards, and then I can never beat him again! WHO learns to play a sport better by reading books??? I ask you!! That is somehow fundamentally unfair. This squirrel tried and tried to beat him after that, and then pitched a childish fit, and now we don't go playing pool anymore.

I just hope that no-one has written a book on how to win at Boggle.


Blogger liz said...

I have a friend who has a "secret" chess gambit. I am hoping he'll teach it to me, the very-inexperienced chess player, so I can win just _one_ game before TheLimey then wins every subsequent game.

When we eventually begin playing chess, that is.

11:23 am  

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