Thursday, November 03, 2005

Itchy Scratchy

So now a child at Sprout's daycare has lice. Even the thought of it immediately makes my head itch.

I don't want to get lice myself, and I REALLY don't want to put toxic shampoo on Sprout's delicate, eczema-prone head. So, with a lightningbolt idea tonight, we actually decided to shave Sprout's little head. I cut all his longer hair off with a scissor, and Jim managed to shave part of his head in the bathtub (before there were too many adamant protests).

If we manage to shave his head entirely, people are going to start giving us cancer donations in the mall. Or call Social Services. He looks hilarious.

None of the research I've done suggests head-shaving as a solution, but we both figure that if there's no hair to lay eggs on, then why would a louse go there in the first place. Sounds airtight to me.

And if I get lice on my own head? Bald as an egg, I swear.


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