Thursday, November 03, 2005

Too Much in My Brain

Jim and I both lead very busy lives. If we occasionally snap at each other, we always come around to saying something apologetic like, "Sorry, dear, I just have too much shit in my brain," which means 'I have too much to think about and it's making me tense.'

Anyway, some days I'm fascinated by the thousand thoughts that chase each other around in my head like squirrels gone mad. Here's an average clip of my inner dialogue, during, say, a walk to work:

* I hope we don't get lice!
* I should wash all the towels and bedding in the house every day.
* Did I book the computer lab for next week's program?
* How come I never have time or inclination to polish my boots?
* I'm just not a boot polisher. I should accept that.
* Do I have a parking permit for my car tomorrow?
* Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.
* What would I do with 3 million dollars?
* Lottery tickets are a sign of despair. I shouldn't buy lottery tickets. (Voodoo-Catholic moral upbringing)
* What will we have for supper?
* Did I remember my lunch?
* Did Jim remember his lunch?
* Am I an insane person? I certainly couldn't live with me.
* I have to remember to send that memo today.
* If I write two Christmas cards every day, I could actually get it all together to send cards this year.
* Yeh, like that's going to happen.
* My house is a mess.
* My head just itched! I'm sure it's lice!!
* They still didn't put the windows in on that house renovation I'm watching. I wonder why.
* Will my sister every come back from Ontario?
* Dat bitch.
* At what point does 'dark night of the soul' turn into lukewarm/lapsed Catholic? Which is worse, lukewarm or lapsed? Jesus would say lukewarm.
* What do I do about that? (despair)
* I have great hair today. Some times I look like such a dog, so I gotta cling to this hair thing.
* Maybe I should call Aunt Frieda. (guilt)
* If I call her, she'll just piss me off and then I'll yell at her, producing more guilt.
* Was she always nuts? Do I remember a time when she wasn't nuts?
* Hmm. Nope.
* I need to remember to buy olive oil, saran wrap, and kale.
* I'm pretty awake for someone who still gets up with her child 2-3 times per night.
* Maybe I should hire a maid to clean the bathroom and wash the floors.
* Did I eat breakfast...?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and narry a thought spared for me!!!

i thought i was important to you...sniff!

-forlorn and lost librarian up there in the Evangelism District. Visit us--we can save your soul!

10:40 pm  
Blogger liz said...

That's exactly why I have many (usually about 12) mini-lists on varicolored Post-its, all arranged on my clipboard. There are simply too many things to remember without the auxiliary brain.

PDA? Yeah, I have one...but it tells me where to be at a given time, not what to do. I have to have all the action items visible at once.

Note: I never polish nuthin'! I rarely even iron!

6:57 am  
Blogger Eileen said...

Hey! "Dat bitch"?!


6:59 am  

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