Friday, March 24, 2006

Puke Boy

Sprout has been recreationally puking since 9:00 p.m. last night, although he's now on the mend.

What do I mean by 'recreationally puking'? He's got no fever, he doesn't seem to feel miserable, he has no other problems. He just wakes up or sits up occasionally and vomits. When I say, "You poor thing, you're sick," he'll respond perkily, "I'm feeling better now, Mommy!"

Three times he chucked from straight out of a deep sleep. Lucky for me I bought six bedsheets for his bed when I was trying to night-potty-train him. This morning, I put a blanket down on the couch and then sat him in the middle of it. I was half-way through my instructions - "Here is your bucket. If you have to puke, puke in the bucket, okay?" - and he was staring, so I THOUGHT he was listening to me - ha ha - when he leaned AROUND the bucket and yakked right on the blanket. Thanks Sprout. Thanks lots.

He stayed home with Jim all day today while I work, and things have been improving. Or improving for Sprout anyway.

(I think Sprout's on the mend and Jim's getting the flu next.)

(And I have a date with a gaggle of librarians at the pub, so I can't go home and take care of them.)


Blogger liz said...

You poor thing.

(I so can't wait! Woohoo!)

5:58 pm  

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