Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sprout Helps Out

I love it when Sprout gets helpful. It's SO cute.

This morning, I was lamenting that we don't have enough frozen leftovers so that we can easily take lunch to work, and Sprout was asking me to explain all of this. We talked, and I resolved to make bigger meals and freeze more lunch portions in the future.

An hour later, he brought his bowl of Cornflakes to me, after he had had enough. "Mommy," he said, with an excited, 'I'm-clever' look on his face, "Dose are leftover. You could take dose for lunch!" It was fabulous. My boy is taking care of me.

Since I had such a weird childhood, one of my biggest (irrational) fears is that my son will grow up to be a psychopath who doesn't care about anybody. How could that happen when we love him so much? I don't know, but the fear is there anyway. So these helpful moments really go an especially long way with me.

Bring on the leftover Cornflakes.


Blogger liz said...

Clearly you came out okay, so I'm guessing he'll do even better! ;)

Also, I was recently lecturing about family environment in one of my classes. The two main axes along which these environments tend to vary are permissiveness/strictness, and coldness/warmth.

Turns out that both strict and permissive environments are okay for child outcomes, as long as the other axis is firmly skewed to the "warmth" end.

Therefore, I think you guys are in a strong position to have a great outcome!

6:36 pm  

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