Friday, June 02, 2006

Corner Gas Did It First

I am designing a class to teach basic e-mail to beginners (like so many have done before me). In the past, we have spent up to 45 minutes of the class taking newbies through the registration process of getting their own accounts. It's frustrating for them and draining for us, and takes oodles of time and rushed explanations.

This time around, we are going to try using existing accounts that we make for the class beforehand, so that they spend more time learning about using e-mail and less time doing the once-only-ever registration process.

Yesterday, I was creating some training e-mail accounts in for this class, and I decided to have some fun: all the pretend people that I'm signing up have last names that are the names of towns in Saskatchewan, just like all the characters on Corner Gas. Wanda Humboldt, for example, is now one of my e-mail training alter-egos! It's too much fun.


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