Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Jim and I are both on holidays this week, and it's business as usual.

What does a typical hollerday look like around here, you might ask? Well, it's reno style. No, no, no. Get those images of fruity drinks by the pool and gambling all night out of your head. Not Reno, Nevada. Reno like RENOvation.

Jim, Beans, and I spent all day yesterday demolishing the old garage (getting only part-way there), and today I spent 6 hours heat-stripping the paint off the front corner of the house, complete with heat stripper, paint scraper, ladder, and monster ventilator to avoid the fumes. And bad radio. Gotta have bad radio. I managed to strip a 3 by 6 foot chunk in all that time. Yeah, too dull for words. Oh well, one more session tomorrow will probably do it and then I can move on to the sanding, priming, caulking, painting.... Sigh...

The weekend looms large, too, because this is the weekend of the Lead.r high school 20 year reunion. Jim and Sprout are staying home, and Beans is going to go with me. She remembers all those people too, after all. Should be fun. Or nightmarish. We shall see.

What do a cluster of 38-year-old rednecks look like? Voir et etre vu. That's all I gotta say.


Blogger Eileen said...

Yeah, I remember. I remember that most of your classmates were *insert word that rhymes with grass voles*, and I'm going along to see what a redneck grass vole from Lead.r makes of him/herself. Oooh, I'm in a grumpy mood and letting my nasty out. tsk-tsk.

Right, and speaking of rednecks, will you promise to hole my hair back if I hurl?

8:12 pm  

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