Monday, August 14, 2006

Family Outings

Since Beans and Jim are busy building the garage every chance that they get, and since I have my own little projects going on, we tend to be tag-team parenting these days. When Jim is doing a project, I have the Sprout, and vice-versa.

The other day, I offered to make a run to the beer store to replenish the building crew. I should have sneaked out, but instead I annouced to Sprout that I was going out for beer and would be right back. In his usual fashion as a busy little person, Sprout announced in turn that he was coming with me. "You can't come into the beer store with me, dear, and you can't wait in the car by yourself outside the beer store," I said firmly. "But I want to come with you, Mama!" replied Sprout. To solve the problem, Jim offered to come along and wait in the car with Sprout. And so off we went.

Ah, yes. The togetherness of family outings. To the beer store.


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