Sunday, October 02, 2011

Road Trips are Exhausting Me

Today, I took my fourth road trip in five weeks, and they're wiping me out. Aunt Frieda gave herself food poisoning and ended up in the hospital for weeks on end. She is finally better, and today we drove her home. I'm glad she's better, and glad she's home. 'Nuf said.

I used to love road trips. The open road. Big adventure. And somehow now all the stats are piling up on me: I read the newspaper every day, and every day there's a vehicle accident with injuries or casualties out there on those Saskatchewan roads. Despite the fact that, logically, I know there are thousands of cars that make it to their destination safely, I worry. Every time I head out on the highway, I'm convinced that there's a moose or a deer or a reckless driver with my name on it (or him).

Whew. Home again, and very happy about it. I guess I'll tell you about Bounty Bars tomorrow. I know it's a tease, sorry.


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