Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stories in the Bar!

Last night was the fourth annual 'Stories in the Bar' event. It's stories, or storytime, for adults in a pub - complete with beer.

Ms. J. and I came up with this brainchild a few years back, as a way to celebrate Saskatchewan Library Week in a wild and whacky way. And it's gaining a following. Last night, there were tables full of library staff, and tables full of book-loving patrons, and we discovered even a table full of library tech. students. Ah yes, library tech. students! That's why they could answer all the book trivia questions better than any other table.

Stories in the Bar is a mix of library staff performing and community people performing. It's very weird. First there will be a picture book - yes, a picture book! Adults secretly love having picture books read to them. Then the whole bar will be doing a finger play together! Then lofty poetry will be recited. Then a song might happen. It's very small-town talent show at moments, and very gritty urban at other points. Ms. J. has been our MC for all four years, and weaves everything together with her improv comedienne skills (librarian by day, improv star by night).

I think I have the best time of anybody at these events. It's all the geeky things I love gathered together. And there's beer! Squirrels in their element.


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