Friday, June 04, 2004


Am thinking about kitchen renovations (last day of work today!) and a fantastic poem about The Arnolfini Marriage keeps popping into my head, something about 'the magnitude of our minutiae'.

surf, surf, scurry, scurry...arcing tail swish...scurry scurry pause...leap...aha! Didn't find the whole poem, but found a snippet - poem is by Paul Durcan - yes, now I remember.

We are standing to our portrait,
the most erotic portrait ever made,
Because we have faith in the artist

To do justice to the plurality,
Fertility, domesticity, barefootedness
Of a man and woman saying 'we'.

God that's fabulous.

Anyway, we shall see what heights of minutiae kitchen renos come to.

Am not a poetry reader, generally. Am more of a music listener, with a yen for clever lyrics. Billy Bragg instantly leaps to mind, and is my poet of choice: "Between Marx and Marzipan in the dictionary, there was Mary."


Blogger liz said...

Few songs beat the morose humor of "Everybody Loves You Babe, But Me," and I'm torn between "Levi Stubbs' Tears" and "Honey, I'm a Big Boy Now," for sheer human heartbreakery.

1:50 pm  
Blogger Gwen said...

Another Billy Bragg fan! Liz, I think we do share a brain! And obviously, we both have excellent taste. I have so many favourite BB lines, that I think I'm just going to start quoting him on a regular basis. I'm usually not a sappy romantic type, but I will admit to having "The Fourteenth of February" as our wedding song. I love how he plays with 'love at first sight' in that song.

Not to mention how damned romantic it is. Okay, so I'm a bit sappy.

On an unrelated note, Liz, I don't know any Norwegian, but I wanted to write you a story since you're fun. Pick a topic, and I'll tell you some sort of story about it. (I used to do the reverse of this with the world's best reference librarian. Any topic I chose, he would be able, immediately, to show me some interesting information on it. "Yoyos!" I would say. "Oh, we have a very good encyclopedia of sports and games, with a great entry on yoyos!" he would cry, "Come along!")(And if I don't have a story, I'll blather on about a related topic).

8:21 pm  

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