Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Renovations Afoot

Soon, you will have to limp along without the Library Squirrel for a few weeks. I know it will be sad (for the 4 of you that actually read this thing).

Squirrels at home are gearing up to rip out the kitchen. Squirrels with crowbars!! Danger! Danger!

I LOVE to renovate. If only someone would pay me to renovate. Yes, anyway, in 3 weeks there will either be a new kitchen or two very sad squirrels.

This squirrel has never, in her 30+ years, ever had a dishwasher. Oh my goodness. That will be news. Isn't it amazing how excited one can get about a kitchen appliance.

On a more immediate note, I am hiding in my office for 5 minutes every day, working out with hand weights, so I can swing the crowbar gracefully. My office has no ceiling. I have to crouch a bit in case the public on the Internet terminals next door see my little red barbells shooting over the top. I'll leave you with that mental picture.


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