Thursday, June 03, 2004


Squirrel Spouse and I have been binging on old Inspector Morse videos lately (English police procedural mysteries, based on Colin Dexter novels). I love Inspector Morse. Does this make me an old person? Is true -- no longer binge on beer, mini-skirt shopping, or disco dancing. Now binge on Inspector Morse videos. Ack. Might as well be a Richardson's Ground Squirrel. Fab squirrel deeply disguised as white trash squirrel.

Don't want to be RGSquirrel. Want to be Ab Fab Squirrel! Note to self : must drink more vodka and start using botox.


Blogger Rhonda said...

Gwen--I love that Inspector Morse series! What a fun character he was. I tried the books and didn't like them at all. I've often found that mysteries can make better movies than books, the reverse of what is usually true with "literary fiction." This was also true, I thought, with the P.D James books (Dalgliesh is more nuanced in his screen incarnation).

11:02 am  
Blogger Gwen said...

Hi Rhonda, I can't get enough of Morse either, although he really does treat Lewis terribly, doesn't he. I always come away from a Morse video with a powerful thurst for a pint of great English beer.

8:31 pm  

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